Data Pipeline

Data integration is the set of business and technical processes required to bring data together into a single dataset with the goal of enabling consistent access and delivery of accurate and timeous data to a variety of business processes.

Qlik’s data integration platform is an end-to-end data integration solution, ensuring a complete and agile data pipeline incorporating:

• A data ingestion framework for connecting to a variety of different applications and systems
• Database replication software for copying and converting database objects and data into other formats
• Data transport architectures
• Model-driven configuration tools to design, build and manage a data lake or a data warehouse
• Smart, enterprise-scale data catalog

Qlik’s Data Integration Platform (formerly Attunity solutions) automates real-time data streaming,  cataloging, and publishing, so you can quickly find and free analytics-ready data — and take action on it.

Formerly Attunity Replicate, Qlik Replicate enables automated, universal, real-time data delivery:

• Change data capture (CDC) across the most comprehensive source and target platform support
• Large volumes of heterogeneous data from source systems
• Real-time delivery to streaming and cloud platforms, data warehouses, and data lake

Formerly Attunity Compose, Qlik Compose enables automated creation of analytics-ready data mart and data lake structures

• Agile, model-driven automation without scripting
• Continuous integration for always-fresh data
• Resilient to source schema drift
• Self-service data mart creation

Formerly Attinuity Enterprise Manager, Qlik Enterprise Manager is a Command center to configure, execute, and monitor data pipelines at scale:

• Metadata management and integration
• Complete governance and security
• Open APIs

Qlik Catalog Simplifies and accelerates cataloging, management, preparation, and delivery of business-ready data to analytic tools:

• Full data profile and automated data tagging
• One simplified view of all your data, including data lineage
• Simple drag-and-drop preparation steps to prepare new data sets, including combination of data sets, row and column filtering, and data transformations
• Actionable data on demand
• Enterprise-grade data management, including data encryption, obfuscation, and user access based on role

Qlik Gold Client improves the efficiency, cost and security of managing test data in SAP environments. Qlik Gold Client is designed to help SAP data teams quickly create new SAP clients for development, testing and QA environments by easily defining and moving referentially complete subsets of master and transactional data into non-production environments.

Qlik Gold Client provides several options for building SAP Clients and keeping them in sync:

Snap, slice, and segment copies of SAP data as needed.
Secure PII data in non-production environments by masking, transforming and purging.
In addition, Qlik Gold Client supports all ABAP-based SAP components including ECC, HR, CRM, SCM, SRM, GTS, EWM, TM, BW, and Business Suite on HANA.

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Our certified data integration team advises our customers on both process and technology in order to ensure a seamless fit. Our process at a high level encompasses the following:


Step 1

Understand the overall data integration requirements


Step 2

Audit the existing environment


Step 3

Prepare a plan (strategic and operational) for data integration based on the customer requirements


Step 4

Execute the process of configuration and installation


Step 5

Provide post-installation support and troubleshooting


Step 6

Project Manage the entire end-to-end process