GeoAnalytics Workshop

High performance, interactive mapping

Placing a map chart on a dashboard is one part of what Qlik offers for geospatial analytics, join us to see

  • What users can do with the map charts you build
  • Map charting techniques
  • Geometric operations and their purpose
  • Floor plans
  • Beyond geospatial

Included is architecture, Qlik products, the Idevio story, and formal geo-terms and the Qlik equivalents.  Most important however are the methods for developing solutions.  We use Qlik Geometric Operations in class with notes on the Qlik GeoAnalytics Connector approach.

Take-away resources include all the Apps you build, PDF of the presentation, the class notes in the exercise PDFs and a reference PDF to the unusual or specific aspects of geospatial such as ESRI integration.


  • Qlik Sense scripting experience
  • Qlik Sense visualisation experience 
(the above means you have built Qlik Sense Apps for 2 or more months)

Duration: 1 day

Cost: R3250 (ex VAT)

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