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Corporate Planning

Our corporate performance management solution, Corporate Planning (CP) assists businesses to overcome the time-consuming, manual burden of the planning process and the challenges associated with inconsistent reporting during their planning and forecasting cycles. With the implementation of the CP-Suite, businesses are able to integrate strategic and operational planning to facilitate transparent and well-founded business decisions based on the data.

The automated and predictive technology of the Corporate Planning system provides organisational traction, while relieving the burden on planners enabling the use of historical data to forecast the future of the business. The uniform design encourages understanding of reports to ensure comparability while promising a significant reduction in effort, elimination of communication loops between planning streams and an increase in timely reporting, all within one, fully integrated financial plan.

Corporate planners, analysts and management teams need no technical or coding skills to use the system and instead benefit from a configured workflow to ensure a robust planning environment.

Business Solutions


The controlling software for operational tasks in planning, budgeting, analysis and reporting.


Make influences on your integrated financial aid and success planning predictable.


Keep track of the sales organization and product portfolio.


The solution for audit-proof consolidated financial statements.


Keep an eye on payment flows and secure your short-term liquidity.


Keep track of one of your most important resources: your employees.

Industry Solutions


Manage building projects and housing stocks economically and secure your liquidity.


Stay liquid and negotiate successfully with payers.


Build up individual calculation schemes and optimize the processes in your value chain.


Constantly adapt your service offer to the wishes of your customers.


Complete planning for new cars, used cars, workshops and parts service on one platform.


Plan revenues and cost items for your sales channels.


Constantly improve your production process.

Corporate Planner Awards

Applications in the Corporate Planner over the years have been extensively independently tested and won various awards.

• First planning software to achieve the best possible overall rating by EBS Executive Education of the EBS University for Economics and Law
• Supports the principles of modern budgeting in an “exceedingly excellent” manner
• Fulfills the “simplicity”, “flexibility”, “integration” and “fundamentals” criteria to a degree of more than 95%
• Outstanding overall assessment at 98.44%
• Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand “software made in Germany” approval
• At CeBIT on 11th March 2014, CP-Finance was awarded the 2014 IT Innovation Prize
• July 2013, CP Corporate Planning AG was awarded the “Top Innovator 2013” distinction in Berlin
• 15 Top ranked awards in BARC planning system survey 2018.


Our partnership with the IBCS certified solution, TRUECHART facilitates data communication and collaboration within Business Intelligence. This world-renowed tool encourages data specific, real-time communication with its functional comment and chat function, bringing actionable insights back to your existing Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

Human communication now integrates where it belongs, directly with the data, reducing the scope of interpretation, increasing clarity and improving data literacy. Businesses can build sophisticated charts and graphs with the pre-defined template library making big data easy to interpret while still harnessing its decision-making impact.

TRUECHART is a powerful, scalable system that integrates and extends the functionality of your preferred platform, offering API-Driven integration to any open BI-Software.

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The Challenge

• Data rules the world
• The human factor is often underestimated, where human communication continues to be important.
Miscommunication in Business Intelligence leads to significant inefficiencies and mistakes

The Solution

Collaborative Business Intelligence is key.

Data-point-specific communication reduces the scope of interpretation
Standardization of data analysis increases clarity and improves data literacy
API-driven integration into any open BI-software (cross platform architecture) transcends these solutions and accelerates our software market adoption

You Will Benefit From The Following Core Functionalities

Data-point-specfic real time collaboration

Standardization increases clarity and improves data literacy

API-driven integration into any open BI-software


International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®)

We adhere to the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) to facilitate the improvement of data literacy and ensure that reporting notation and uniformity is adhered to at all times to support the business decision making process.

Analysts and developers can now present their reports, dashboards and presentations in a consistent and uniform format, according to this internationally recognised standard. The makes for a clear-cut view of organisation-wide data reports for management teams to speedily make critical business decisions. The design of reports, presentations, dashboards and, the diagrams and tables contained therein, are practical, visual and uniform to support valuable time saving when interpreting business reports and reduce incorrect decision making.

The Success Formula of the IBCS Standards

Business communication meets the IBCS Standards when it complies with the rules of the seven areas that form the acronym “SUCCESS”:

S AY – Convey a message
U NIFY – Apply semantic notation
C ONDENSE – Increase information density
C HECK – Ensure visual integrity
E XPRESS – Choose proper visualization
S IMPLIFY – Avoid clutter