About QLIK

With the only end-to-end solution for data integration and analytics, Qlik democratizes BI, creating a shared framework of trusted, real-time data, collaborative analysis, and actionable insights.

Qlik’s architecture and platform strategy lets you create automated data pipelines and securely deliver data analytics at elastic scale. Integrate, Analyse and Deploy anywhere.

Qlik Data Integration (QDI)

Qlik accelerates the availability of analytics-ready data by automating real-time data movement, refinement, cataloging and publishing. Speed up the entire data journey – uncovering all existing data repositories, creating accessible data sources and making it easy for users to select the data they need.

Data Streaming (CDC)

Real-Time Data Streaming (CDC) – Extend enterprise data into live streams to enable modern analytics and microservices with a simple, real-time and universal solution.

Data Warehouse Automation

Agile Data Warehouse Automation – Quickly design, build, deploy and manage purpose-built cloud data warehouses without manual coding.

Data Lake Creation

Managed Data Lake Creation – Automate complex ingestion and transformation processes to provide continuously updated and analytics-ready data lakes.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Enterprise Data Catalog – Enable analytics across your enterprise with a single, self-service data catalog.

Qlik Data Analysis (QDA)

The cornerstone of Qlik’s next generation data analytics platform is Qlik Sense. Combine any number of data sources, no matter how large or complex. Freely explore with interactive selections, global search, and natural language interaction. Discover more with powerful, smart visualisations and AI-generated insights. You’re no longer limited by linear exploration or cumbersome data preparation.

Qlik Sense SaaS

A SaaS-only edition of Qlik Sense Enterprise (formerly known as Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services), Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS allows customers to scale efficiently ensuring the same consistent, seamless, and powerful experience for all user of Qlik Sense.

Qlik Sense Client-Managed

Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed is designed for organisations that need to widely deploy governed self-service analytics, build custom apps and extensions, and guarantee granular control, administration, and governance.

Interactive Analysis

Simply Smarter Visualisations

Create & Explore On Any Device

Cognitive Engine With Machine Learning

New Visualisations & Enhancements

Accelerated Self-Service

Advanced Authoring

Advanced Analytics Integration

Enterprise SaaS & Multi-Cloud Deployment

Insight Advisor, Visual & Associative


QlikView is a rich, guided analytics platform, enabling business driven data discovery for users. Applications are built for a specific purpose or business area, and focused on enabling users to answer questions about their business via a beautiful, compelling, simple point and click interface, that enables data exploration, drill down and sideways navigation.

QlikView is targeted at users who require more standardised, guided analytics, incorporating data from multiple sources, and ensuring centralised control of dashboards, layouts and designs – one set of data and apps for use across the entire organisation.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform:

  • Holds data in memory for multiple users.
  • Automatically maintains associations in the data.
  • Calculates aggregations on the fly.
  • Compresses in-memory data to as little as 10% of its original size.
  • Fully utilizes the power of the hardware.
  • Offers enterprise class capabilities for Business Discovery.

Qlik NPrinting

Power up your analytics with Enterprise Reporting. Qlik NPrinting is an advanced, integrated reporting and distribution solution for the Qlik suite of products. Highly polished, pixel perfect reports can be created and distributed quickly and easily via a simple drag and drop interface, in a variety of formats including MS Powerpoint, Excel, Word and PDF. Reports can be centrally scheduled, generated and delivered through a variety of channels, including a subscription service. Qlik NPrinting has delivered immediate ROI by retiring legacy BI and reporting systems for significant savings.

Qlik GeoAnalytics

Transform your business with insights from location based data. Qlik GeoAnalytics for Qlik Sense enables you to create easy to use layer-based maps in Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows hub and Qlik Sense Desktop and analyse your geographic data. You want to discover everything that’s waiting in your data, so you can transform your business in ways that put you in the lead. Qlik GeoAnalytics lets you make better location-related decisions by offering powerful mapping and location-based analytics for Qlik Sense® and QlikView®. Easily add maps to your applications with automatic geodata lookup and then overlay them with different visualisations. Gain new perspective beyond what you see in tables and charts with built-in support for a broad range of geoanalytic use cases.

Qlik Alerting

Create alerts that go way beyond simple KPI thresholds. Alerting in Qlik Sense makes it easy to spot outliers and anomalies using trends and advanced statistics, sophisticated alert logic and monitoring of individual dimension values. And unlike other products, our alerting is data-driven, not based on visualizations, giving you the freedom to monitor all your data without limitations.

Stay informed with powerful, data-driven alerts

Enable self-service and centrally managed alerting

Drive intelligent action, adoption, and value

3rd Party Products


The native Qlik writeback extension. Enhance your Qlik Sense experience even more. Komment ™ is a Qlik Sense extension that will allow you to capture and edit data directly in your dashboards.


Have meaningful discussions with the relevant data at hand.


Assign users to tasks and manage related actions and deadlines.

Data Management

Review and clean your data in the most efficient way.


Learn from your users by capturing critical input about their dashboard usage.


Today businesses need the ability to instantly discover important insights and to be enabled to rapidly take informed and data-driven action. TRUECHART is designed to do exactly this for businesses where consistency of reporting key financial information is critical.

TRUECHART reduces the time required both to prepare reports, and also for the consumer to review and understand the content being presented by fully-enabling the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) in any corporate environment. Creating and displaying data using IBCS® within your BI results in uniform data visualizations that offer dynamic, meaningful reports giving your business a valuable strategic advantage.

Corporate Planning

Budgeting, planning and forecasting (BP&F) is a three-step process for determining and detailing an organization’s long- and short-term financial goals. With our extensive experience in various fields we are able to assist our clients by providing a holistic solution to enable them to effortlessly carry out their BP&F on a continuous basis. Connect all your financial plans together with less effort and more accuracy. Seamlessly combine financial and operational drivers, and integrate planning at scale across your entire enterprise.