QDI Services

Our team of qualified data integration professionals use proven industry method to assist you with:

Data Integration

• Integration of data from all sources and platforms including web and open source data.
• Big Data integration supporting all common and bespoke platforms including legacy systems.
Agnostic integration supporting a wide variety of target technologies.
AI driven tools to provide a robust low maintenance Data landscapes.
Agile and Real Time delivery of entire Data Analytics lifecycle encompassing single version of the truth.

Real Time Data Replication

• Low overhead real time data replication without impacting system operations.
• Cross platform, multiple source and target compatibility.
Agile development methodology ensuring optimal ROI.
Zero code based Change data capture, removing the need for change controls.

Data Warehouse / Data Lakes

• Automated Data Warehouse / Data Lake creation and management enabling Real Time Analytic Ready Data.
• Zero Code base for Agile delivery. Boost ROI by delivery in days, not months.
End to End management incorporating proven Industry Standards.
Supports a wide range of technology including Cloud, Distributed and On Premise.
Agnostic Platform supporting a wide range of technology.
Agile development that scales to your business needs.
Futureproofing your Analytics platform.

Data Cataloging and Quality Assurance

• Creating Governed, Self Service Data Marketplace for your Digital Assets supporting all major BI Platforms.
• Low maintance, Zero Code methodology that is scalable
AI Driven Quality Assurance.
Agnostic techology supporting all major software and bi platforms

Cloud Deployment

• Planning, Migrating, replicating, syncing of digital assets to all all major Cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, Snowflake.
• Enables low cost cloud computing by Agile data delivery methods.
Hybrid system support

Disaster / Redundancy Staging

• Facilitate redundancy of Data to support multiple sites
• Cross populate data across all instances in real time.
Facilitate Disaster recovery sites with as frequent as real time.
Product agnostic supporting a wide range of technologies.
Lower operating costs.

Digital Asset Planning

• Planning your Data real estate for scalability and maximum ROI.
• System Agnostic approach with Agile Delivery.

Data Migration

• Migrating Data between different source platforms to a common target
• Migrate your SAP data to conventional data modelling platforms.
Agile scalable solutions to reduce overall costs.

Data Modernisation

• Modernising Data from Legacy systems to new modern based systems.
• Data conversion and mapping with Agile codebase.
• Agile delivery methodology that can be scaled to support all environments.
• Supports industry best practises for high quality data analytics.

Data Monitoring

• Visual management of entire data flow process.
• Powerful reporting of errors or compatibility issues.
• Smart process automation ensures seamless continuity should a break in the process occur.
• Zero code, automated delivery platform.
• Cross platform compatibility.

Data Washing / Transformation

• Data ELT / ETL to improve data quality for Data Ready Analytics.
• Consolidating bespoke data sources to a common integrated Data set.