Why Qlik – AI/Machine Learning/Cognitive Engine

Human intuition, meet AI. Great things are going to happen. Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense® delivers a new breed of AI that creates a powerful synergy between human intuition and machine intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most disruptive forces in technology that we’ll see in our lifetimes.

Combining our unique associative and cognitive engine technology, Insight Advisor is your intelligent assistant in Qlik Sense, delivering augmented analytics that enhance just about everything you do. With unique context awareness, it provides insight suggestions, automation, and natural language interaction that help all types of users maximise their potential.

Most business problems can’t be solved purely by algorithms or machine learning. They require human interaction and perspective. We have always believed in empowering people and maximising their potential. To that end, we use AI that works in combination with human-centric analysis, helping more people uncover the best insights that accelerate business value.

Augmented analytics allow organizations to finally break through the low levels of adoption and limitations of second-generation visualisation tools, reaching the “other 75%” – information workers who are not necessarily analysts. Third-generation augmented analytics, if done right, can lift constraints and allow organizations to realize the full value of their data.

Business logic and machine learning: 

Customize the behavior of Insight Advisor using business rules, and further enhance insights with machine learning that learns from user behavior and other inputs.

Build whatever you can imagine:

Need a custom solution that doesn’t yet exist? Rapidly develop custom analytics apps and build new augmented capabilities through a full set of open APIs.

A robust ecosystem of AI solutions:

Tap into our vast network of pre-built, certified partner and developer solutions to extend AI-powered capabilities from visual to voice and beyond.


The AI paradox is a simple notion.
People think AI will make analytics
less human, replacing human decision
making. But the truth is, AI actually makes
analytics more human. 


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