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Mobility is now a core requirement for companies looking to gain competitive advantage in the information economy. Many workers rely almost completely on mobile devices to get the answers they need to serve customers and better manage operations. However, most BI and visualisation tools that rely on query-based technology only provide relatively static, pre-defined views to mobile devices. Although visually rich, these solutions typically can’t provide the one thing that adds the most value: answers to unanticipated questions, whenever, and wherever they arise.

To truly enable people to solve problems in the field, your organisation needs a mobile solution that allows people to actually analyse information. This is everything from exploring a scenario together with a customer, to searching for a product that’s underperforming, to generating a new chart using natural language to reflect a point of view that comes up in conversation. Typical mobile BI solutions fail to offer true analysis or value creation.
Qlik Sense brings the power of analytics directly to the point of decision. It’s inherently mobile, built from the ground up to run on any device, with full capabilities and no compromises. Qlik Sense is available through a smart, responsive, web-based client in mobile browsers, and through the fully native, optimised Qlik Sense Mobile app for iOS and Android.

Whether a device is large or small, touch or keyboard-based, Qlik Sense delivers the best user experience – intelligently adjusting layout, information and functionality for the device at hand.

The Qlik Sense Mobile app features fully interactive, offline exploration and integrated push alerting, so people can take action wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Mobile at the Core

Qlik Sense does not restrict exploration and analysis on mobile devices in any way. This is critical to driving value, as mobile environments are unpredictable, and users need to pivot their thinking to answer new questions that come up in the field. All aspects of Qlik Sense’s interactive discovery experience can be utilised through our responsive web client on mobile devices, including associative exploration, Insight Advisor Search and Chat, data alerting, visualisation and collaboration.

An Optimised Native App

Qlik Sense Mobile is a fully native app for iOS and Android that enhances the user experience on mobile devices, ensuring that people get the best capabilities and functionality without compromise. It delivers Qlik Sense analytics in the best form for mobile consumption with enhancements such as a single object mode for navigation, an intuitive selections bar and a mobile collection in the hub. And it provides fully interactive offline exploration and integrated alerting with push notifications, allowing more people to take action wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Integrated Data Alerting

Intelligent data alerting in Qlik Sense provides sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help people more proactively monitor their businesses and take timely action. With Qlik Sense Mobile, people can receive alerts directly on their mobile devices – through push notifications – when data changes. Alerting logic includes statistical evaluation of new data against thresholds, comparisons between measures, complex conditions and the ability to trigger alerts based on individual dimension values. With Qlik’s Associative Engine, users can dive right into analytics, in-context, to investigate further and take timely action.


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