We Are Insight Consulting

Every day, we make value happen for our customers, partners and employees.

An end-to-end data and information company, Insight Consulting works with businesses to formulate and deliver on data strategies at all levels of the organization, unlocking actionable insight with the latest thinking and technology across the data value chain.

We partner with our customers on a long-term basis, using our Data Strategy framework to inform and guide our customers every step of the way, from formulating a data strategy, designing and implementing solutions, through to upskilling the workforce and driving the data culture in the organization.

Custom Software Development

Insight Consulting’s Kodelab division is a full-scale development house, creating complex enterprise software and mobile apps using clear and effective design processes to ensure the best customer experience.

Planning and Forecasting

Connecting financial and operational departments with an integrated planning system, we provide solutions that enable top-down and bottom-up planning, immediately showing the impact of changes on the bottom line, easy what-if scenario analysis, and saving customers hundreds of hours in compiling and aligning plans.

Data Pipeline

We provide powerful data warehouse automation and integration capabilities which allow IT professionals to consolidate data from multiple sources in real time, providing complete, accurate, cataloged and up-to-date datasets for data analytics, as well as a host of other applications and business processes.

Industry Solutions

Across the data value chain, we have developed industry and function best- practice templates, which enable quick time to value. Our source agnostic Insight Bot delivers alerts, notifications, data and insights spanning the data value chain directly to WhatsApp and Telegram.

Data Analytics

Our consultants are industry experts, who combine their business experience with cutting- edge technical excellence, enabling us to advise on and deliver intuitive and truly valuable, self-service analytics to our customers, no matter where they are on their data journey.

Data Strategy

Our Data Strategy framework, also known as our Customer Journey framework, encompasses all the elements required to ensure our customers’ successful navigation through their data journey. The framework is the underlying fabric of the data value chain, providing a structure to partner with our customers to define and implement data strategies, upskill knowledge workers through data literacy programmes, and create a long-lasting data culture, ultimately ensuring optimal ROI on data investments and assets.