Our Vacancies

We currently have a vacancy for a Senior Qlik consultant.

To apply, please email your CV to Lynn (lmeyernathan@insightconsulting.co.za) with the subject line QSC April 2023.

Senior Qlik Consultant

As an integral member of our consulting team, a Senior Qlik consultant offers guidance and actionable solutions to our clients in line with the specifications and timelines.

This page outlines the roles, responsibilities and tasks of a Senior Qlik Consultant.

Key overview of responsibilities:

  • End-to-end delivery of projects, including:
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Completion of high-quality blueprints for sign-off by stakeholders
  • End-to-end project management for delivery of client solutions.
  • Able to quote delivery timelines accurately, and deliver accordingly
  • Delivers high-quality solutions independently
  • Able to deliver solutions through others
  • Generates new work from existing clients
  • Self-managed
  • Understands the Insight Consulting offering, and introduces other areas of the Insight data value chain to the client.

More detailed responsibilities:

  • Business requirements analysis
    • Meets with stakeholders, gathers, understands, and evaluates their business and business intelligence requirements, manages the client
    • Provides consultation on complex projects and acts as a top-level contributor
    • Plays a consulting and advisory role , advising customers based on experience.
    • Documents business requirements accurately and with high quality
    • Uses the Insight Consulting blueprint templates to document business requirements.
  • Technical Analysis
    • Liaises with client technical resources to understand the data sources, tables, fields, and logic in source databases required to deliver the business requirements in full.
    • Documents the technical specification clearly, accurately and with high quality.
    • Uses the Insight Consulting blueprint templates to document the technical specification.
  • Qlik Environment
    • Uses expert knowledge of Qlik scripting and front-end capabilities to deliver excellent solutions.
    • Delivers solutions with solid data models that are robust and future-proof.
    • Delivers attractive, efficient and intuitive front-ends
    • Understands complementary technology (e.g. Komment, NPrinting) offered by Insight Consulting, and knows when to propose these solutions.
    • Detailed knowledge of NPrinting and Qlik SaaS Reporting Services.
    • Detailed knowledge of the Qlik SaaS environment (data transfer, spaces, user access, reports, task scheduling and execution)
    • Detailed knowledge of QMC (streams, user access, task scheduling and execution)
  • General Technical Skills
    • Follows and enhances company BI standards and best practices
    • Excellent troubleshooting ability.
  • Data Literacy
    • Highly data literate, and able to communicate complex data in a simple manner.
    • Able to use the most impactful and compelling visualisations for a given use case.
    • Able to guide users through the solution clearly, demonstrating excellent knowledge of the subject area, and targeting the unique pain points of the customer.
    • Excellent data storytelling skills – able to spot trends, and outliers in data, interpret and communicate this effectively.
  • Project Management
    • Runs a project from end to end independently from the Business Analysis and Technical Analysis phase through to completion, including training
    • Interacts with multiple customers and/or team members independently and effectively
    • Communicates effectively with multiple stakeholders at all stages of the project, ensuring that red flags are identified early, and progress is communicated regularly.
  • Leadership
    • Revenue generator, Generates new work from existing clients
    • Presents complex information concisely to a variety of audiences
    • Able to deliver on projects via others.


A Qlik Consultant has a variety of traits and characteristics that inspire confidence in the client that they are in the right hands.

Key characteristics:

  • Clear communicator
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Able to deliver through others
  • Has strong attention to detail
  • Has excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Persistent
  • Takes Accountability and Responsibility for projects
  • Independent
  • Respectful to others
  • Able to juggle multiple projects and customers
  • Able to prioritize effectively

Performance Measurement

A Qlik Consultant is measured both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  • Quantitative
    • Maintains a 75% plus billable rate over the year
    • Generates additional work through their efforts
    • Delivers projects on time and within budget
    • Estimates time to solution delivery accurately
  • Qualitative
    • Positive feedback from customers, colleagues and management

Job Requirements

To perform this job successfully, an individual must have shown to perform standard essential duties. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, experience, skill and/or ability expected. Reasonable accommodations may be acceptable.


  • Stay current on tech solutions and enablement
  • Must have achieved the relevant certifications (Refer to Matrix).
  • Have a 12-week plan in place that is actioned and monitored regularly
  • Manage time and workload
    • Independently plan upcoming work and have planning schedules updated in advance
    • Keep timesheet billing updated timeously
    • Maintain an average 75% customer billable number
    • Ability to work on multiple projects at once, fulfilling different roles on each, while meeting deadlines
  • Guide and advise
    • Provide consultation on complex projects and act as a top-level contributor
    • Collaborate with team members on methodology, design, architecture and best practice
  • Self-starter who shows initiative in a dynamic work environment
  • Take ownership of and pride in your work and its impact on the company’s success
  • Perform with a high level of accuracy and attention to detail
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Business acumen
  • General knowledge of industry functional areas eg. Operations, Supply Chain, IT, Finance, HR, etc


  • Ability to independently manage and execute a project end-to-end from the Business Analysis and Technical Analysis phase through to development, testing, implementation and training
  • Experience in running a Qlik project, including experience adopting the role of the Consulting Lead on the project by managing project resources, timelines, allocation of tasks, quality delivery and outcomes with the customer and team
  • Providing regular updates to the customer on project progress
  • Giving feedback on delivery to the team


  • Ability to generate ongoing work from customers and help implement strategic Qlik/Data path
  • Effectively able to interact with multiple customers
  • Act on opportunities that arise and offer solutions
  • Understand customer problems and find solutions
  • Understand customer’s current limitations and constraints
  • Build strong relationships and trust
  • Talk / Present / Interact at any level (from General Worker to Exec)
  • Be a trusted partner, not just another 3rd Party