Our Team

Upuli de Abrew – Co-Founder and Director

As a former BI Manager, Upuli brings hands-on experience and industry insights to her role. She deeply understands clients’ challenges and motivations, empathising with their needs and concerns. At Insight Consulting, she fosters seamless partnerships between clients and consultants, ensuring solutions maximise value consistently.

Upuli started her career as a SAP business analyst, specialising in SAP business intelligence. This laid the foundation for her move into working with a number of platforms within the data space, such as Microsoft and Qlik.

Upuli holds a Master of Commerce degree in Information Systems and is currently Director of Consulting at Insight Consulting. She brings practical experience and industry knowledge to her role, enabling her to understand clients’ challenges and motivations deeply.

At Insight Consulting, Upuli strives to establish seamless partnerships between clients and consultants, ensuring that the solutions consistently provide maximum value.

Sean Taylor – Co-Founder and Director

Sean has over two decades of experience using data to guide businesses towards informed decision-making. He believes that precise and insightful data use can catalyse innovation, efficiency, and business excellence.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. As the Co-Founder and Director, Sean brings a unique combination of strategic thinking, business and analytical acumen, and a passion for leveraging data to drive organisations toward success, innovation, and efficiency. He believes that resilience is the key to overcoming and transforming obstacles into opportunities.

He is committed to creating a “Win Win Win” scenario in every endeavour, where success is measured not just by individual accomplishments but by the collective achievements of all stakeholders involved.

Charlene Smith – Sales Director

Charlene is the Sales Director at Insight Consulting. She is responsible for overseeing new business development, account management, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Charlene holds a BCom degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

With over two decades of experience in IT, she has excelled in sales, business development, and client management. Charlene has a passion for people, data, and problem-solving. Her love for all things ‘data’ began during her time as a Business Intelligence Manager.

At Insight Consulting, Charlene’s collaborative approach and strategic mindset enable her to build strong client relationships. She understands their unique needs and challenges and delivers tailored solutions that drive tangible results. Charlene’s expertise lies in finance, logistics, retail, short-term insurance, and business analysis.

Rene McGregor – Head of Consulting

Rene has been in the IT industry for 25 years. She started her career as a Delphi developer in the fruit export industry, then transitioned to Systems and Business Analysis, which led to her exposure to Business Intelligence.

Rene holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in IT from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Her role involves overseeing the consulting team’s strategic and operational delivery to enhance efficiency, drive enablement, deliver customer value, and maintain profitability.

Throughout her career, she has gained experience in various industries and businesses, which has fuelled her passion for data. She is enthusiastic about Data Literacy and strives to add business value to companies while remaining focused on their data strategy journey.

Lee Wearne – Data Strategist

Lee is an experienced data strategist with a 14-year track record of leveraging data to drive business growth and success. With a wealth of experience across different industries, he navigates complex business challenges in order to produce sustainable solutions.

Lee’s journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of South Africa, immersing himself in the thrilling world of mathematics and statistics. Since then, he’s been dedicated to solving complex puzzles and translating raw data into actionable insights.

At Insight Consulting, Lee thrives on challenges, viewing each experience as an opportunity for growth. He eagerly imparts his knowledge to others and is a conduit between leaders, teams, and data, fostering connections and communication across organisational boundaries.