Leverage Cloud while using on-prem systems

Moving to the cloud certainly makes sense from an African business perspective, despite some serious challenges and risk factors unique to these shores. However, not all businesses can take the plunge. Some businesses are reliant on expensive legacy systems that work well for them, while others are dissuaded from the move because of budgetary and…
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Investment in business intelligence is crucial for SMBs

Small businesses often face limited resources and tight budgets, which can make it challenging to invest in business intelligence tools and practices. However, making data-driven decisions is essential for the growth and success of any business, regardless of its size. I’ve talked in previous articles about the importance of aligning business strategy with data strategy,…
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Pervasive data culture helps organisations optimise data value chain

In today’s data-driven world, companies need to treat data as a strategic asset. Insight Consulting has worked with a large number and variety of organisations for more than a decade, and our experience has shown that successful businesses treat data as a strategic asset, underpinned by a strong data culture which grows, mines and closely…
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