Custom Software Development

Initially formed in 2016  to create internal apps for Insight Consulting, Kodelab has since grown into a full-scale software development house in its own right, servicing external customers across a range of industries.

The division builds and maintains complex, custom solutions based on the latest architecture, enabling Insight Consulting to meet our customer needs right at the start of the information value chain.

We develop web applications to create and manage business data across a wide variety of business sectors. Our applications help our customers manage their timesheets, orders, claims, incentives, surveys, promotions, projects and more.

We provide and build the full stack of components and services that are needed for a modern, line of business, web application:

• The database that contains your data
• The web API that manages the data
• The web application itself that contains forms, data grids, charts and other visualizations
• Integration with 3rd party service providers and applications

Our applications are built with enterprise-grade concerns in mind:

• Database tables with hundreds of thousands, or millions, of records
• Security across all application layers
• Advanced scenarios like multiple language and multiple organization support

For web applications, we use proven, industry leading tech stacks, from Microsoft (.NET) and Facebook (React), while still providing choice of database, so you can leverage your existing infrastructure if needed.

We develop mobile applications that enable field employees to easily capture data such as orders and answers to survey questions.

They are optimized for users who need to capture data quickly, while on-the-move.

As such they provide features such as:

Offline mode for when there is limited or no connectivity
• Screen layouts that guide users through a business process
• Automated checkins and checkouts based on geolocation

For mobile applications we use Ionic React, which allows us to develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, with the same code base.

Besides web and mobile development we also:

Develop desktop Windows applications
Provide Integration with CMS appl
Provide infrastructure and cloud consulting services