Business planning across all areas of a business is unquestionably a crucial success factor to all organisations. Whether creating financial budgets, resourcing budgets, or operational plans of any nature, the importance of creating and working towards an integrated plan is a non-negotiable in today’s business world, and critical in ensuring the sustainability of a business.

Insight Consulting’s Planalyze division offers an integrated Corporate Planning solution, ensuring that companies of all sizes can set financial goals, distribute these goals across the business, and ensure that operational plans are put in place to support the achievement of those goals. Financial and related operational performance can be managed from the same toolset, ensuring that all organisational functions are working towards the same set of goals and targets.

By simplifying and streamlining budgeting and forecasting processes and cashflow planning at all levels of the organisation, with the ability to work top-down or bottom-up, Corporate Planning ensures true integration, with the ability to immediately see the results of changes to operational plans on financial results, and vice versa.

Our corporate performance management solution, Corporate Planning (CP) assists businesses to overcome the time-consuming, manual burden of the planning process and the challenges associated with inconsistent reporting during their planning and forecasting cycles. With the implementation of the CP-Suite, businesses are able to integrate strategic and operational planning to facilitate transparent and well-founded business decisions based on the data.

CP has industry solutions for Housing & Real Estate, Healthcare, Transport and Logistics, Services, Automobile, Retail and Manufacturing.

Our Financial Planning Solution comes with a wide range of business planning features, a large number of analysis functions and a complete reporting system. With this finance solution, all the areas of financial management (balance sheet, P&L, cash flow statement) can be depicted for multi companies in multi currencies. Many users may work on the same version at the same time.

Sales Planning solution is used for the detailed planning, managing and monitoring of sales volume and revenue in the field of sales management. This solution is a multidimensional software solution for planning, analysis and reporting. Organisations can plan across all distribution channels and product segments, compare scenarios and trends, and calculate contribution margins per customer and per item/product. The software comes with intelligent logic that takes the complexity out of multidimensional data. (Other features – Multiple currency, multiple user)

Financial Consolidation may be seen as a big challenge for many organisations. Our Consolidation budgeting solution is the software for management and legal consolidation in companies that are structured in groups. The solution contains business logic with which you can speedily compile the required documents for your auditor. The solution cand handle the  following requirements:

• Intercompany transactions
• Consolidate Monthly or quarterly
• Consolidate Budget and Forecasts as well as actuals
• Group structure changes
• Plan for sales / acquisitions
• Different charts of accounts in group companies

All the solutions come with a built in functionality for Financial Reporting and Analysis. Custom, adhoc reports that are set up once and change apply to any time period. Web access to all reports. Instantly available report variants.

• Timeline reports
• Column reports
• Data stream reports
• Benchmark/segment reports

Our consultants are experienced individuals with broad business administration expertise from many projects across multiple industries. We partner and support each company in the implementation of their unique solution and advise on the optimal use case.

New Installations – for new customer we provide a set of consulting services to ensure that your planning environment is ready and scalable


Step 1

Identify budgeting and planning needs and goals


Step 2

Platform Architecture, Installation and Integration


Step 3

Documentation and Project Planning


Step 4

Data Preparation - Data Extraction, Data Quality Checks


Step 5

User Workshops and Training


Step 6

Launch - Go Live - ongoing continuous support