Why Qlik – Smart Visualizations and Analytics

Built on Qlik’s unique Associative Analytics Engine, Qlik Sense offers industry-leading modern analytics capabilities across a full range of users and use cases – from self-service analytics to interactive dashboards and applications, conversational analytics, custom and embedded analytics, mobile analytics, reporting and alerting.

Insight Suggestions – Visual and Associative

AI-powered insight suggestions help surface new, hidden insights while minimizing cognitive bias, amplifying discovery, and driving enhanced data literacy. Insight Advisor capabilities within Qlik Sense auto-generate visual insights for the user, delivering the best charts and visualizations based on the data set and refined through natural language search. Users get a series of auto-generated and prioritized charts, which they can make edits and adjustments to and then directly add to dashboards for further exploration.

Smart Visualization and Authoring

In addition to Insight Advisor, users can drag and drop to create visualizations in a traditional build process, with assistance from AI. No more waiting for others to build visualizations. Anyone can create, modify, and personalize based on their own skill levels. The Qlik Cognitive Engine accelerates and automates the process, with association recommendations – to easily combine different data sources, chart suggestions – that render the best types of visualizations based on the data, and a variety of smart data preparation and authoring functions. Your users can also take advantage of measures, dimensions, and analytics contained in governed libraries to reuse objects that conform to business standards. And because of our Associative Engine, there’s no need to wire visualizations together or build SQL queries.  

Qlik Sense includes a rich set of smart visualizations that provide a beautiful, visual experience and use innovative techniques to summarize the overall shape of data, highlight patterns and hotspots, and pinpoint outliers. Qlik Sense offers over 30 visualization types, as well as a broad set of best-in-class visualization features. Smart visualizations are fully responsive, automatically scaling data and visual representations for an optimal experience on any screen size. Multi-layer mapping, based on Qlik GeoAnalytics® technology provides sophisticated geographic visualization and calculation. And advanced authoring capabilities allow users to construct highly functional, information-dense applications and dashboards.


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